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My 485 was denied because i forgot to submit a requested document whithin 3 month of the request. I consulted an attorney and we filed a new 485 because my lawyer said it is hard to reopen the closed 485. Two days ago i found out the new 485 i filed was denied also. They said they sent a letter to my lawyer and they explained the reasons.
I have been leaving in US for almost 7 years now and i have 2 jobs and go to school.
Please let me know what are my options now? Can i file another 485 or should i go to the court? is there any hope for me to fix this problem of should i get ready to leave US?

Al is not lost yet, but you must get your hands on the denial of the second case, so that we can determine if you can apply again. What was the basis for you filing the I-485? Did you ever for fingerprints? If your lawyer will not give you a copy of the decision, think about making a complaint to the bar association. You can also go to the site and make an infopass appt at the loca l office and try to get a copy of the decision.



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