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QUESTION: I am a US citizen and married since 1971. My wife has a greencard since then. WSe have lived on and off in the US land overseas. For the last 7 years we have lived in Bangkok as my private business is here. My wife still hold a greencard and travell bank and forth every 4-5 months to the US to visit my daughter and grandson. Last trip I was told that she may lose her greencard because we are not residing in the US and away too often. What is best advise or solution to our problem.
We don't want to lose the greencard but if we get some sort of long term mutiple visa , so my wife can ravel back and forth to visit family. We are both age 59 and married for 37 years

ANSWER: There is no great solution. She has spent too much time outside the US to be eligible for citizenship now. She can give up her green card and apply for a toursit visa but they may not give it to her since she is married to a citizen, though you are living abroad.

Otherwise, on her next trip here, shce can apply for a reentry permit which will let her go out for 2 years at a time.

If she can find a 5 year window where there are no single trips out of the US for 6 months or more and she is physically for 2 1/2 of those 5 yearsm she can apply for citizenship and if she is approved, she can live abraod as much as she wants.



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QUESTION: How about if she gave up her greencard and apply of one of those 10 year multiple entry visa. Is that possble and should I seek an atorney to help in this during my next trip to US. She currently has a 2 year re-entry expiring dec 2008

She can do that but that does not insure that if she travels to the US frequently that they will let here in everytime. It just meams for 10 years she does not have to go to the Embassy before boarding a plane, but she could be denied entry if she comes too often. They may also give her a hard time about the tourist visa, since you are a citizen, though you live abroad.



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