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QUESTION: I'm a Singaporean on an H1B1 visa which is a visa under the US Free Trade
Agreement. From the USCIS website, I know that my total stay is up to 6
years. However, I only have a 1 yr visa because my previous attorney only
filed for that duration in the LCA which is why the visa expires at the same
time as the LCA. What is the maximum validity of an LCA? If I get a new LCA
with an extended for another 2 years, will I be able to renew my H1B1 visa?
Can this visa renewal be done in the US? How do I go about doing this

ANSWER: LCA and extension can be done for 3 years. You can do it here. YTiuy have to file a new I-120 and basically the same filing as the first time.



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QUESTION: Thanks so much for your help, Robert. It's very helpful. When you say "do the same filing as the first time", does that mean I have to go back to Singapore and re-apply for an h1B1 visa at the US consulate? Because that was what I did the first time.

Thanks again. Really appreciate your help.

No I mean your boss has to submit the same basic forms and documentation as he did the first time. Once it is approved or your first trip out you must get new visa stamp but as long as you stay here and the new I-94 is valid you do not have to leave.



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