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Is there a maximum validity of an I-94? My attorney has told me that 12 months is the maximum regardless of my H1B1 Visa validity (let's say if it were valid for 18 months).

If I were to get my I-94 extended, what is the maximum period that is given out per extension? Can I submit the application for the extension on my own (with my company's endorsement of all forms)?

As for H1B1 renewal, if I were to go back to Singapore for a holiday while my I-94 is still valid but my H1B1 visa has expired, can my employer and I submit the application without an attorney? I am not willing to use my Company's attorney again because I do not trust him ever since he applied for a 12 month instead of an 18 month H1B1 visa. He had admitted to an "administrative error" for doing so, and instead of getting me the additional 6 months I "lost" on the H1B1 visa, he is asking us to apply for an H1B for me this April but we will have to pay him Legal fees again and fork out more filing fees. I feel this is an unnecessary waste of money as I do not wish to apply for a green card.

The max on the I-94 is the validity of the Petition which can be as long as 3 years. You can file extension without lawyer ass long as compnay signs the forms. If your H1 is expired when you travel, you will need a new visa before coming back.



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