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"Hi, My wife is holding L1 visa and currently in India. I am also on L1 in Usa. We are planning to file her L2 so that she can come here and join me if her company does not give her US onsite. My question is if we stamp her L2, will her l1 become invalid ? because after L2 stamping we want to wait for some to look for US onsite from her company or resign the company or taking leave from company & coming here & if she does not get job she will go back join her old company"

She can come here on an L-2. When they give her the L-2 they mauy cancel her L-1. But as an L-2 she can fiel for work permit and work anywhere as long as you are an L-1. Then she can go back to her country anytime up to when your L time runs out.



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