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Greetings fron Sunny Rio!! My question is this. I have been back and forth to Brasil to see my fiance for 2 years staying 6 months each time. i am an enginner 45 never married and she is a dentist here with a valid US visa. She visited my for 2 weekes in August last year and now we both will go to the states in June. We want to get married but she is a dentist with a practice here and I keep hearing that she will have to remain in the US for years to get green card. She cant be away from her business for too long maybe 6 months. Whats the best route?

ANSWER: Come here get married file papers for her and she can get advance parole. This will allow her to travel as much as she wants untiul she gets her green card. It takes about 3 months from filing to get the advance parole.



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Thanks for the quick reply.Ive got the first part down pat as I think I can handle the marrying part of the procedureWhat exactly are the papers I need and it what order do I file them? No lawyer Ive spoken to will ever answer this except with a bill and a ILL HANDLE THAT FOR YOU reply. I checked out the advance parole and was suprised that neither my immigration lawyer, 100@ hour, or her immigration people here never mentioned this option. What documents will immigration in the US be pleased to see so they will grant the needed parole. Also obviously the documents will need to be translated. Who does immigration accept as an official translator? Ive been just about told that I should send the sheets from the bed we sleep in together for DNA sampling to prove our love / marrige is for real. What are a few good indicators to INS that this is no smoke and mirrors?


I-130/I-485/I-765/I-131/I-864/G-325A for each of you/ I-693 and I693A medical- This gets filed with her birth/proof your a USC/ 6 photos for her and 2 for you passport style/last 3 years taxes for you/her passport picture page and I-94/filing fee of $1365/marraige cert/any prior divorces.

That is for filing. After you marry start putting everything in both names. You do not need to come to the interview with bedsheets!

It does not sound like your attorney knows what they are doing. Let me know if you would like me to process the case after you marry. I generally charge a legal fee of $3000 (1500 at beginning and 1500 when scheduled for interview.



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