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Immigration Issues/Marriage to Illegal Immigrant - OVER 18 years


I have fallen in love and am thinking of marrying a man who has been in this country illegally for over 18 years.  He entered legally.  I am a US citizen.  I wanted to know
1)  How long before he can start working legally?
2) Are there any risks involved for me?
3) I am a lawyer - not sure if relevant except for are there higher standards or risks because of it?

Thank you so much!

As long as he has not been caught by Immigration, you can get married and papers can be filed. It will take about 3 months from filing for him to get a work card and 1 year to get a green card.

If the relationship is for love and not for him to evade the Immigration laws, there is no risk. Let me know if you would be interested in having me process the paperwork.



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