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I went in for my interview today and was told that my application is denied because i am no longer married to a US Citizen even though at the time of the application i met the requirements for being married to a US Citizen for at least 3 years . The officer told me i have to reapply because i do qualified for being at least 5 years as a permanent resident. So, what i don't understand is, why cant she just update my application to say that i am no longer married to the US Citizen but i do qualified for the 5 years permanent resident? I am really frustrated by this because of all the time and money spent and all she has to do is update my application :( Thank you for your time.

The law does not work thta way. If you do not stay married until you are a citizen, you only are eligible after you have 5 years as a reisdent. She can not by law update the application because you becmae inelgible to file or be approved for citiznship after three years when you got divorced.



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