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Today is March 12, 2008. I am currently on F1 status and I am graduating on May 17, 2008. When should I apply for OPT? If I apply it now, will I get the OPT exactly from July 16 to June 15th? Also, after June 15th, I will have only 60 days to stay in the U.S. When can I apply for H1B? what must I do to avoid CAP Gap from Aug 15 - Sep 30, 2008? Join a graudate program for this fall 2008?
can I apply for OPT and then go to grad school in the fall?
Please help me sort out this confusion.

You can ask your school to get you OPT for when you graduate now. If you have a bachelors alraedy, you must apply for H1 on April 1, 2008 as they will run out of H1 visas on that day. If you do not yhave a bachelors yet, you are not eligible for H1, and would have to apply on the first April 1 after you get your bachelors.

You can get new I-20 for grad school to cover time until you are eligible for H1 and get selected for visa.



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