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Good morning Sir, I just sent my documents (I-130/G-325A) to USCIS on Friday, February 22, 2008. Would you please tell me how long will it take to get her here? I am in the military, is there any way that I can request them to process my petition a little bit faster? Because I am going to back to sea duty very shortly.  I will be deployed a lots.  I do appreciated very much for your answer.

If your wife is abroad now, it will take about a year. If you want to try and make it quicker to get her here  you can ask your Congressman to write a letter to the Congressional Unit of Immigration to ask them to speed up her case because you are in the military. I assume you filed in the right place (chicago) and that you filed a G-325 for each of you and provided all the required documents. Otherwise things will be delayed. If she is here you should have filed the I-485 mpacket witht he I-130 packet.



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