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Hi Robert,

Scenario : I'm from India. I got my h1b visa stamped/approved on Dec 3rd 2007. As I'm getting married in June 2008, I decided to fly after June. My fiancee had applied for f1 visa . We would prefer to fly together on June 2008.

Questions :
1. Is there any rule like I must enter USA before 3 or 6 months from Dec3rd (visa approval date)?
2. Is there any issues in me flyying after marriage?
3. Do we have to update passport or inform US emabassy?
4. Does she have to update her lastname in passport ?
5.  Do we have to take anythign into consideration as we are flying together?
5. If she makes any name change in passport after marriage,  does she have to inform US Embassy ?
6. Is there any rule like I have to report to NEwyork for the first time as I'm flying using my H1 Visa?

Kindly help .. Please reply. Thank you so much in advance,


There is no 3 or 6 month rule; You canm fly after marraige; Though your wife can go on F-1 visa, she could also apply for H4 and then be anle to go to school when she comes; SHe does not have to use your last name; You can only work for H-1 employer; Your wife can not work as F-1 or H4.



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