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Dear Robert,
My boyfriend has completed the I-129f and sent all the documents to the USCIS. But now we realized that my name part was wrong. I am a citizen of China. My name is Jia Lu. So the first name should be "Lu" and the family name should be "Jia". right? but i exchanged them for these two. how should we do now? do i have to call the USCIS to correct it? is that useful?please give me some suggestions.

Thank you very much.

I am looking forward to your prompt reply.

yours sincerely
Jia Lu

What is your first name and what is your last name (surname)? Your family name goes under last name and your first name goes under first name. If you did not fill out the form this way, waut fir the receipt and then write them a letter and ask them to change it if it is wrong.



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