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I am a citizen of India and have a PhD from a US university and have a job offer for teaching from a community college. I have been offered a H1B (non-profit). Does this type of H1 also have a 6 years limit or just the for-profit H1b that comes under the 65k cap.

If it does limit me to 6 years of working can I transfer to for-profit H1B and get 6 more years or they all count towards H1B 6-year limitation together.

Also for applying to green card I have learnt that since I teach for a college I come under the "SPECIAL HANDLING FOR UNIVERSITY AND COLLEGE TEACHERS" category. Does it mean the processing time under EB2 is expedited or still the same processing time just few less steps. I am asking this question bcoz I see for EB2 category I am subject to per-country quota bcoz I am a citizen of India.

I am sorry but you only get a total of six years whether it is for a non profit or cap subject employment or any combination of the two.  

There is no expedited process for EB2.  It is just somewhat simpler than the regular process for the PERM.  Since you are from India you are subject to the visa backlog.    

Depending upon your qualifications, you may be eligible for EB1 processing which is current for Indian Nationals.  I would be happy to evaluate your qualifications if you would forward me your resume with a complete listing of your publications and presentations.  You may send to

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