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hello mr ashley - i hope you are well
i am  both french and canadian and have been living and working in the states for 3 years now, the first 2 under consecutive tn visas and the third year under an L1-A

a year ago, the company i worked for was bought and all upper management left, the new management was significantly different and it's an understatement that we clashed, but since i was under an L1-A and did not want to move, i stayed

two weeks ago i was terminated - given the nature of the L1-A i am aware that my visa is no longer valid

my i-94 is valid until may 2010 and i have a life here which i would like to keep

i would like to interview for a new job, but i don't know what status to change my L1 to or what my options are, and that would be my main question : what are my options

please let me know if you have any suggestions


Unfortunately, I do not have any options that could help you at this point.  Since you are no longer working for the L1 company you are not in status.  Thus, I suggest that you leave the country.  If your new potential employer will sponsor you for an L1 then that would be great and your could re-enter once the new L1 is approved.

Note, I am always concerned when people stay in the US when they are out of status.  Any period of overstay could negatively impact your future visas to the US.

Good Luck
Mark Ashley

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