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My boyfriend of 3 years, who is also my sons father lives with me in the California, we would like to get married.
Unfortunately he is married to someone in Guatemala, that he married at the age of 18.  The marriage only lasted 1 year.  They have been separated for over 10 years, but neither bothered to file an official divorce.  Can an attorney in the states file the divorce for him?  Both parties are in agreement, they have no children together, no mutual assets, nothing joining them except a marriage cert. And do you know what the average cost for filing this type of divorce?

A US attorney should be able to help. If his spouse is willing to cooperate, it should be very simple. The issue is service of process. If she will agree to sign off on the service of process, then the divorce can proceed.

As for prices, I have no idea. I suspect they will vary according to the region and the lawyers in the area. Ask friends who they used and liked, then hit the phone book.

Good luck.

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