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anthony wrote at 2012-07-20 16:34:49
Hi ,  I understand your case completely..  I went threw same case and still in court over it.  There is no easy way.  You must prepare 10 steps head, attach like she has and dose have all prepared to take your daughter and put you in jail. You must document every phone call,and every time you have to use police for report, get copy, and complain if they do not give you one,, the one that yells the loudest and if you are man, you need much more documentation .. I have very large court case comming up , in october,, I prepare like it is murder case. these ladies are ready and use state help, like they are victims, I understand and hope you use all to get your daughter back.

Deon wrote at 2013-04-21 20:20:10
I'm in San Antonio having the same problem and not only did she lie about abuse she left the baby with me for 8 months and I got a letter from my landlord saying that. She lied on the stand many times and I can prove it by the court records. At the end they but a injunction so I can't go report it to immirgrantion

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Yasenia Conde


I am currently employed as a Supervising Paralegal for a Los Angeles based Immigration/ Criminal Law Office. I have approximately 5 years experience working with various types of Immigration Cases, except in the area of Work Visas and Employment sponsoring.


I have worked with cases involving, Appeals, Deportation, VAWA, Consular Processing, Adjustment of Status, NACARA, Naturalization and many more. I am also familiar with California Post Conviction Relief and Immigration Consequences involving Criminal Convictions in the State of California.

I am currently enrolled in College and I am working on my pre-law degree. My ultimate goal is to attend Law School and do what I do best.

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