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Hi Mr. Hay,
Immigration is a global issue and one that many find important. I know a few basics about it but mostly find myself ignorant about the laws concerning immigration.  For example, for any given country, who decides who will enter a country and at what number?

I'm currently under the impression, I don't know why, that once a country becomes a member of the United Nations, said country agrees, as part of its membership obligations, to allow a certain percentage of immigrants to enter its borders. Again, I'm not sure where I'm getting this from but it's what my mind is throwing out right now.

I've been becoming more politically aware lately and want to fill in the gaps of my knowledge so to speak. Thank you for taking the time out to answer my question as I'm sure your plate is full.


A nation's immigration laws are made by its legislature and enforced by its executive power. Although the UN encourages all nations to accept refugees, immigrations laws are defined by what is best for the nation.

Mexico has a very good immigration program. They severely punish illegal aliens who violate Mexican law and cause problems for Mexico. Mexico has decided that it cannot afford to have illegals come in and hurt its workers, take advantage of its government medical system, and generally show a disregard for Mexican laws. However, if you follow the laws and procedures, it is not so very difficult to legally live and work in Mexico. It just depends on what Mexican law says is best for Mexico.

I would be careful listening to politicians who describe immigration as anything else. The US was built on immigration, and should continue to allow it. But in the past only those who obeyed the law received the benefits. Illegal aliens were deported. Those who followed the procedures were allowed to enter and work. I believe the question should always be what is best for the USA. Not what is best for the billions of people who want to live here. It may be harsh, but if we allowed everyone who wanted to come here, without thought or process, soon our country will be ruined.

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