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I am a US citizen and am applying for residency for my husband.  We have been married for 5 years.  His appointment has been set for November and I'm trying to get an understanding as to what information a carta de perdon should contain.  Does an attorney have to complete it for me or can I write it myself?  Should I get reference letters from neighbors, employers, etc?  Please help me out so that I can make sure I do everything possible to get my husband approved.

I cannot answer your question because "carta de perdon" is not a legal term
in U.S. Immigration Law.  While I think you may be trying to refer to
a waiver, your question is unclear.  If you mean "waiver" then there are
many issues involved, ranging from legal eligibility to whether a waiver is
actually required.  I have seen other questions on in which
people refer to a "carta de perdon" so this tern may be known to the Spanish
speaking community in your area, but I cannot determine its meaning from
reading your question.

If your husband has a pending application for a green card with an interview
scheduled in November then it is important that you hire an attorney to review
the documents that you submitted and explain whether your husband is, in fact,
eligible for a green card, and if so whether you have submitted all necessary
documents in order for his case to be granted.

I'm sorry, but I need much more information before I would be able to answer
a question for you.

Marco Pignone III, Esq.  

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