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I urgently need clarification in the situation which I am facing. I am a student on a F1 visa, this year my H1B was approved bu I decided to study further so I enrolled in the master's program. My H1B is approved and left the company on agreed terms but due to oversight my H1B was not canceled. Now my international advisor informed me that SEVIS has removed my name from the system due to the change in status to H1b. I have informed my company and they have sent fax to USCIS to cancel my H1b.

I am applying for the COS from H1B to F1 on monday, while awaiting for COS can I go to school or could I be in the US awaiting for the COS result in other words will me exiting the country affect the COS change since I will also have trouble entering the US as Ihave a student visa. I don't want to exit the country since I paid th eFall  semester fees.

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It is not necessary for the H-1B to be revoked for you to affect the change to F status. You need to be in status at the time you apply for COS to F. That is  the COS application should be filed before the end of the H-1B status. You state that you have left the company already... so I am not sure you are in H status at this time.

And for COS to F-1, the program has to start within 30 days of the end of the previously authorized status. You are allowed to attend classes consult with your international student advisor. I would also suggest that you consult with an immigration attorney so that he can guide you after reviewing all the facts.

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