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Immigration Issues/Project on Illegal Immigration -- Need both for/against opinion


Dear Mr. Hay,
 I am Nikita(sixth grader) using my father's gmail account. I am working on a project focusing on the Impact of Illegal Immigration. I need an expert's opinion on both for and against. Can you please provide your opinions(for and against) for the following question by next week?

Does illegal immigration impact health care system?

I appreciate your help.


Well if you want an answer regarding pros and cons of Illegal Immigration, there is a long list. The pros are many. Illegal Immigrants provide inexpensive labor, consume many goods in the USA, sometimes they contribute to the Social Security system (but not always), and their children may be able to provide a new generation of fresh blood for the nation. The cons are many also. They put a strain on our system of education, health care, and unfortunately the prison system. Because they are illegal we are not able to pre-screen them for criminal issues, health conditions, or even education levels. They are often not interested in integrating into our country and so do not develop roots in the country, or even make an attempt to learn the language.

In regards to the impact on the health care system, it can only be viewed as a huge negative. They generally go to emergency rooms, or government sponsored clinics where they receive free medical care for themselves and their families. Since they don't usually participate in the tax system, this is all paid for by other tax payers. So although they provide cheap labor to some employers, it is the employers who are shifting the cost from themselves (who should be withholding taxes, Social Security and medicaid) to the law abiding employers and citizens who get stuck with paying for these services.

Good luck.

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