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Immigration Issues/more evidence req for removal of conditional status


Hi there Ramasamy
I have received notice from immigration that I have submitted insufficient evidence for my petition to remove conditions of residence. (i am british, married to us citizen)
I am having a nightmare coming up with a lot of the stuff they are asking for - they acknowledge both our names on many items already submitted but need us to show longevity, stability or joint payment of joint debt.
we were married in may 06. due to a delayed honeymoon - nov 06 (for work related reasons) and my not being able to leave the US during the green card filing process, we didn't apply for my green card until spring 07.
we started building a house and to protect our credit report and therefore mortgage rate etc were advised not to take any loans/apply for credit etc. so we have no joint debts until after jan 08 - once we'd moved into the new house.
the mortgage is only in my husbands name as we (wrongly) thought it would protect me (a homemaker) from any financial liability in the event of anything untoward.
all our utility bills are in either my name or my spouses - utility companies just put them in the name of the person making the first phonecall - would have asked otherwise had I known this would be so significant - ugh
we were in a corporate apartment for the first 6 months of our marriage - but have no paperwork to prove we lived their together as the tenancy agreement was in the company's name.
we have no life insurance policy - and the one through his company doesn't have individual names on it.
also, I have shredded a whole bunch of old paperwork (which I hadn't realized would be of use) like old car insurance policies - I did send them a copy of a policy but it is from last year and they obviously want from when we were married to now. (i have contacted the agent to see if they have anyhting on file that will help)
basically, do you have any other suggestions?
the affidavits they had asked for had to be US citizens that had known us both from the marriage - ruled out anyone my side of the family)
now they ask for more affidavits, but don'tspecify us citizen requirement or knowing us since date of marriage - we have made friends since moving to our new home - should I bombard them with several?
please help!
thank you in advance


As you are filing for a green card you should have known that these documentation is necessary. The USCIS will not issue an approval on your say so.

Since you do not have the standard documentation to prove your marriage is bona fide. You need to become creative and try to establish your case. For instance you can send them photos of you and your husband with friends and family, you can get affidavits from your US spouse's parents or relatives, affidavits from your pastor, affidavits from your neighbors, emails, phone calls (family plan), payment of your credit card or bills by your spouse, documentation of travel together.....

Best of luck.

Ramasamy Krishnan

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