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hi there
I plan to apply for canadian immigration services , however i realised i have some discrepancy in my husbands documents , his age in the passport is different compared to the age in the birth certificate ( this is due to the fact that his passport was done using his school record  where they had made a mistake about his date of birth) which was later rectified by the school and a new certificate was issued, however the indian passport services have refused to change his date of birth saying it is impossible to do so on his passport. my question how will this problem affect his application at the canadian visa services since the date of birth on the passport does not match with the actual date,of Birth certificate. please help ..iam in a dilemma

Hi Rita,
In order to submit your husbands documents to the Canadian immigration, you must get a correct passport. I would suggest for you to apply for a new passport. The authorities might not want to amend an existing passport but they must issue your husband with a new one upon application. Upon submission of the new passport application you must ensure that they use his birth certificate with the correct date. I hope I could help, regards Katrin

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