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Immigration Issues/Transit From Holland to Mexico trough the USA


In 2008 I left the USA and travelled to mexico. After Mexico I went to Holland where I am born and used to live. I stayed overtime in the USA and when leaving the USA the border security told me that I couldn't travel to the USA for a timeframe of 10 years. My question is can I transit trough the USA to Mexico or Canada in 2010 or 2011. I am a little worried that if I buy my tickets that they will send me back to Holland after I arrive in a USA airport.
What can I do best?? Hope you can help me!
Thanks a lot

Hello Geert:

It seems that you accrued unlawful presence in the United States for over year. Therefore, you are facing a 10 year ban, from the date of your last departure from the US. You cannot reenter the US (even in transit), unless you can present a waiver of inadmissibility or evidence that the 10 years have elapsed. (A visa may be still be required based on your citizenship)
I strongly suggest that you make alternate travel plans, to avoid serious problems.

Annick Koloko

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