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Hi Annick,
my name is Linda i came to the US in 2007 with F1 visa. i stoped going to school in 2008.
in 2009 two ICE officer came to look for me in friend's house but i was lucky cuz they didn t find me over there!
i am getting married next week with us citizen that i knew sice 2001 and we do share the same backround ( same origine, religion, same city, same university...)
can immigration put a deporation order against me even they couldn t find me? if so, am i going to have trouble getting a GC?

can I juste to ahead and file by my self or it would be better if i hire a lawyer?

Hello Linda:

A deportation order is issued by the Court, after you have been found removable from the United States. The whole process starts, once a Notice to Appear is issued to you by the Immigration court. You did not mention whether you received such documents.
In the absence of such Notice, you are not currently in removal proceedings and can proceed to adjust your status through USCIS.

You are welcome to retain a competent immigration attorney, to insure that the process moves smoothly.


Annick Koloko

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