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After becoming yet another SA statistic as far as crime goes (Don't think it relevant to relay story etc) my spouse and I are looking at options for immigration.

Canada seems the best option on our list.

Now our background:

I am into IT and real estate (own my own company) with over 17 years experience in both fields - IT a little less as I took a 4 year break from main stream IT to focus on my other passion, real estate.

My Spouse (Irish citizen born in SA - plus SA citizen - dual citizen ship) is a lawyer, a conveyancer (property lawyer) and Notary public. She has a masters degree in property and advanced property law and has 15 years experience (6 years running her own practice)

Additionally she has a honours degree in English, speaks French, is a certified skills development facilitator (HR stuff) and a very proficient labour lawyer/consultant.

She also teaches for the law society of SA and grades students after exams plus has teaching experience at Varsity level (no formal teaching diploma though)


1   Can we hold dual citizenship and in my spouses case three passport (SA, Irish %26 eventually Canadian)?

2    Also is it better to apply as SA citizen or as an Irish (my spouse being the primary applicant as Irish) citizen or does it not matter?

3   we are looking at migrating as a "family unit". This being myself, wife and mom-in-law.

Mom is a teacher by profession although only a year or two from retirement. At present she is living with us and not technically dependant on us she will after retirement need to continue living with us from a financial aspect.

So the question, would we be able to do an application to bring mom with when decide to goto CA?

Mom has her own money but not enough to "start again" if she stayed behind in SA so thus the need to bring her with.

4   Is it easy enough to do an application ourselves or is a immigration expert advisable?

Thank you for any assistance and advice you can offer


Dear Sean, Please see my answers to your questions as follows:

@1 Before taking up another citizenship you must always ask (in this case) the South African and Irish Government first - otherwise you might loose those citizenships.

@2  This doesn't make a difference,you can apply with either citizenship

@3 Once you'll have received your permanent residence permit you will be able to apply to become a sponsor for your mother - then she can also apply for perm residence - but only after you received yours first.

4 We are happy to assist with your application - you can contact me any time via ( South African based company)

Regards, Katrin

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