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(1)I am from India and working as Associate Professor in Engineering. I have Masters in Engineering.

Can you let me know how long it takes for the Canadian PR ?
What is the cost involved ?
Do you have any guarantee scheme ?

(2) My brother applied for I-130 US Immigraion visa in June 2002 and it got approved in Oct 2009 under Family Based Immigration  Category 4.

The current cut off visa date for my category  is 1 Sep - 2000.

Taking the above situation into consideration is it worth spending the money on the canadian immigration along with the US Immigration.

Please as soon as possible.


Dear Salma,

If you qualify under the federal skills scheme it will take about 10-12 months before you receive permanent residence in Canada. In order to confirm that you do qualify for an application, we first need to assess your educational background and work experience.

You are welcome to send us an enquiry to our website so that I can send you a full assessment.

Kind regards,


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