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My husband and I are planning to apply for a B2 visa to visit the USA for 6 months next year. We are both UK citizens and residents. My questions relate to funding:
1) How much do you advise we should have in our bank account to prove we have 'adequate funds' for our trip?
2) My husband has a large amount of savings. Rather than make him my 'sponsor', we thought it would be easier to simply have a new joint bank account to share the funds. However, will the US Embassy want to see that the bank account has been open for quite a while, rather than a brand new account opened just before we apply? There is nothing suspicious about our actions, but it might look this way.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!



Dear Michelle,

Since you are travling with your husband, you can simply show his bank statements to the US Embassy to prove sufficient funds for travel.  Bring your marriage certificate to prove marriage.

Rough calculation for Rent and transportation every month should be around $3000USD so 6 months would be $18,000.  This does not take into consideration the variation in your travel plans, which may require more or less money.  The Embassy will determine whether it is enough based on what it is you will be doing (luxurious cruise + ski resort and golf courses = expensive or small motel in a not so nice neighborhood = cheap)

You should also bring your itinerary and show them what you plan to do in the US for 6 months.

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