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Iam getting ready to file the n 400 form and I have a quastion about the arrest part. Few years back I had a car accident,I didn't get a ticket but I was supposed to go to court and I failed to do that. I had to turn myself in had another court date and paid fine. I know I have to answer yes to quastion 16 in part 10 but what about quastion 17 and 18?and do I have to say yes to quastion 21 ? I spent roughly 30min in jail when I turn myself in.

Dear Michal,

Question 17 and 18 I am not sure what your answers would be because you did not tell me whether you were convicted of any crime.  I also do not have your court record so I do not want to give you the wrong answers.  You should look into your court record to see if you were charged or convicted of any crime or it was just a citation paid.  Sometimes when you ignore a citation it can turn into a misdemeanor.  Again, I wasn't there so I don't have the answer to this.  Get the court documents and we can say for more sure.

Question 21 is yes because you were booked into the jail for 30 minutes.  You should draft a declaration explaining your time in jail to avoid problem with naturalization.

Overall I think you are okay to apply for naturalization if that's your only conviction.  You will need to have all of the court paperwork ready.

I can look at the court documents to give you a better answer.

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