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Immigration Issues/Clarification needed for spousal sponsorship application


I am sponsoring my husband from USA to Canada for him to obtain his permanent residency.  I am currently living in Vancouver, BC.  We were looking over the application forms and there were some questions we hope we can get some clarification on.

1) On the Generic Application Form for Canada IMM 0008, there is a section where it asks if my husband has applied for the CSQ (Certificat de Selection du Quebec) and when he plans to apply. I Googled this CSQ up and it said it is needed only if we are living in Quebec. So does this mean this portion of the application is N/A since it doesn't apply to us?

2) On the On the Generic Application Form for Canada IMM 0008, Question4, it asks for the Immigration Office Requested for Processing this Application. Is that Mississauga? I saw on this page ( that the application kit has the address I need to mail to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Mississauga, Ontario (for family members living outside Canada).

3) On the medical examination Appendix C, it also asks which Visa office will be processing the file. I am assuming it is Mississauga too?

4) I am wondering how I am to attach photos and other documents that they require for the application. For photos, do I need to have actual photo prints for each picture and have labels for them or can I print out 2-4 photos on an 8x11" piece of regular paper and label the pictures? If I must have actual photo prints, do I staple it to the back of the application forms or can I insert the photos into an open envelope and staple the envelope to the back of the form? Same thing with other documents they require (bills, emails, visas, boarding passes, etc.)?

5) On the Application to Sponsor form IMM 1344 (first page bottom), Question9, it asks if you are a naturalized Canadian citizen. I have been a citizen since 1993 (my entire family immigrated together) - I have my citizenship card. The date which I obtained the status is the day I get sworn in and sing the anthem right? As well, it is asking for an UCI/ClientID. What number is that and where can I find it?  If I can't find my Landing papers IMM 1000, where else can I find my UCI/ClientID?

Thank you so much. We are in the process of obtaining all the necessary documents and I totally feel overwhelmed. Oh, one more question, I know it is a little silly, but is it better to staple or use a paperclip? Some agencies don't like staples.


Hi Charlotte,

Thank you for your question(s). I'll answer them in numerical order like you presented them.

1.  Since you and your husband do not plan to settle in Quebec, the CSQ is not required.  If you filled out the form online you should have noticed that it greyed out when you entered the city and province where you intend to reside as Vancouver, BC.  Just leave it blank.

2.  No, select Buffalo, NY here.  Your sponsorship application is assessed in Mississauga and the file is checked for completeness.  Once you are approved as a sponsor, the application for permanent residence of your husband gets sent to Buffalo for processing.  Your husband is American and that is why Buffalo is the suitable Visa office to choose.

3.  Buffalo

4.  Follow the instructions.  It says photos should remain "loose" so you can use actual photos (label the back) and put them in an envelope OR print a few per page and caption them.

5.  You are naturalized.  You can either request a certified copy of your IMM 1000 or you can put a date you think is close to when you immigrated and in a cover letter advise that you cannot recall.  Include a copy of your citizenship card or certificate.  It will have your immigration file number on it.

6.  Use a large binder clip(s) or elastic bands.  CIC does NOT like staples!

I hope that helps.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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