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Hi Roxanne

Thank you for your reply. I do understand that there are some legal requirements that you cannot overstep but I am happy to accept advice from you as I believe that you are as highly skilled as any other Quebec-licensed consultants. I am fully aware that it will be some helpful information rather than legal advice, but that's fine.
Below is is my question:
I am planning immigration to Quebec through Skilled worker program.
I have a bachelor degree in Economics from a university in Russia. My question is as follows:
I have worked as a manager in purchasing department of a company. This profession is in the priority list for immigration and earns extra 6 points. However, my degree in Economics is not in that priority list. Would I be able to claim for extra 6 points given that my degree does match my work?
Is this match absolutely necessary to get those extra points?

Thank you  for your help


Hi Alex,

Thank you for your question.  The Quebec Immigration website states:

Applications that will be given priority are those submitted by skilled workers who have obtained a diploma in one of the fields in the 2009 List of Preferred Areas of Training during the five years preceding their application; if candidates have not obtained such a diploma, they must have practised an occupation, directly related to a diploma they have obtained and for which they are evaluated, for at least one year during the five years preceding their application.

Applications submitted by candidates whose area of training is not included in the List will continue to be processed according to their order of submission.

So in my reading of this, yes, a match is necessary to obtain these extra points.  As I mentioned in my previous message, this is just how I read the instructions.  You may want to contact a consultant who is certified to practice in Quebec for further evaluation.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

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