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Hello Mr. Sung,

I am living in China right now on a travel visa.  I came to visit my
girlfriend(now wife) for three months last year, and I just came back about 2
months ago on another travel visa.  During this visit we were married here in
China, I am looking for a teaching job here for now, I quit my job in the USA to
come here and get married, and my wife and I do not want to be separated unless
there is no choice.  If my brother ( who makes 100,000 US dollars per year)
agrees to sponsor us, is it okay that I do not have a job in the USA when I file
for the visa?  Also, do I need to file any part of the k-3 visa process in the
USA or can it all be done here in China?  Do they look at your debt situation
when they consider a visa request?  We are trying to stay together here in China
while the process happens if we can.  Thank you very much for your response.

Hey Biran,

1. If your brother agrees to sponsor you, it is okay that you do not have a job in the USA while we file for the visa.  The visa will be approved based on your brother's joint sponsorship.

2. You must start the visa process in the US, but you can hire a representative (like myself) to help you get started in the United States.  If you hire my office to represent you, you do not need to return to the United States for this process.

3. The Embassy does not consider your debt situation in approving the visa, as long as your brother is willing to sponsor your wife and submit the necessary documents.

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