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Hi ,

      I had attended my visa stamping interview on March 3rd. after interview V/O just gave me 221g Blue slip marking x (cross) on 3rd point that is

Your blanket L-1 application is not clearly approvable under section 8CFR 214.2(I)(ii)(D)  and INA 101(a)(15)(L). and gave back my passport and pettion. and didn't say anything that i got approved or not.

I have some queris please clear them

1)  Is it completely rejected ?

2) As per blue slip we need to submit some docs but in  my case she has not marked on any number that this has to be submitted.

3) Do i present some more documents and certficates of Special knowledge if i do so can i get VISA STAMPED?  

kindly help because i suppose to travel on this month end to US as  my company scheduled my Travel date 5th.of May

Note :- I have 4 years 5month Exp in same domain which is very much suitable for L1-Blanket

Thanks & Regards


Sounds like the Embassy doesn't believe your L-1 visa should be issued because it is not clearly approvable.  Your L-1 visa is a special kind called the "blanket L-1".  This visa is used for large companies who sponsors many (20+) L-1A/B at once who can CLEARLY show that everyone's L-1A/B is approvable.  I think there may be some documentary deficiencies.  You should've asked the officer why he/she felt that the case was not clearly approvable, and you can submit additional documents on your next appointment to address the deficiency.

Your company should also offer you support in this regard by providing you with documents that clearly show that your L1A/B blanket is clearly approvable.  I would assume that the company has in-house immigration attorney who can contact the Embassy to resolve the problem.

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