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I've checked the link that you sent me of the bulletin but I have no idea how to read those tables...could you tell me what if the visa type is F2A and the request was accepted in November 2010??

Thanks for your help


Hi Shirley,

Here is how you read the visa cut-off dates:

Currently "F2A   01APR07" is shown in the box of the visa bulletin under all chargeability and F2A.  This means that the cut-off date right now is April 1, 2007, and everyone whose case was filed before the cut-off date (April 1, 2007) can apply for a green card.

If you filed your case in November 2010 (as you stated, accepted in November 2010), then your cut-off date is Nov 1, 2010.  Current cut-off date is April 1, 2007 so it will take roughly about 3 to 4 years to reach the cut-off date.  Therefore, it is safe to assume that you will be waiting for at least another 3 years for your husband to receive the visa under this petition.

This process can speed up if you become a US citizen.

Please also be advised that the visa bulletin moves at an unpredictable pace.  Sometimes the cut off date jumps more than 6 months at a time, or it can stay stagnant for several months.

Hope this helps.

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