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I am a newly naturalized canadian citizen and wanted to sponsor my Parents here in Canada. However, I am unemployed for almost 2 years. My husband who is a permanent resident is the only one working. We have a 4 year old son. His annual income is in the range of the required annual income to sponsor 2 persons.

My question is, can I still sponsor my parents even if I am unemployed. Is the required annual income same as family income?

I hope to get an answer from you.  Thank you in advance.

Dear Mhy,

here's what the Immigration Canada's Operational Manual says:

The financial test is needed to prove that sponsors can support sponsored persons for the period of the undertaking. Financial resources:
ē   may include the resources of the sponsorís spouse or common-law partner if the sponsorís financial resources are inadequate and the sponsorís spouse or common-law partner declares their resources as income on their Canadian tax return and they co-sign the undertaking.
ē   cannot include pooled resources from other relatives to meet the income test.

Pease note that:

The sponsorís income must meet the minimum necessary income requirement, as identified annually by Statistics Canada in LICO levels, to support all members of a sponsorís own family and all sponsored persons and their family members, including family members listed as non- accompanying.

Current minimum necessary income figures can be found here:

I hope this answers your question. I hope you will be able to welcome your parents to Canada really soon.

Best regards,

Yves Montarasse  

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