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Hi Mr.Montarasse!I have wrote you in the past and i realy appreciated the quality and quickness of your response.

I have desperately been looking for an answer through Immigration forums on the internet concerning a letter that my wife received on June 26th,2011.

Usually people that have gone through and succeeded in their sponsorship have been able to answer general questions from applicants like me,but this time it seems like i would have to ask an experst like you .

This letter was sent to her almost 2 weeks after she took her medical test with a designated medical practitionner and after the results were sent to the Visa Office of Singapore.

The letter in question is called as:
The only documents they have stated as required from my wife are
*good conduct certificate(or certificate of no criminal record*

Along the past through the process of Application,me and my wife had always included these certificates and renewed them everytime needed.

-It is stated on the letter that:
<good conduct certificate (or certificate of no criminal record) is requested upon each family member>

If it was only up to me i'd just go along and simply send whatever they are asking from us without questionning..

I've been discussing it with my wife but she keep insisting that they might just be asking those certificates from *people who are to accompany her and that are included in the Application*

The letter has stated that we have 60 days to send those certificates and that our Application would be considered to have been cancelled if we'd fail to do so.

I understand that my parents-in-law have their business to run,and that they would have to hassle and travel quite a distance to the city so as to obtain the bulletins of no criminal record.

I would just be relieved to know for sure,if i am guessing right and that these certificates are needed even from family members not included as accompanying her in the letter.

Oh my god i just realized i been writing alot here,sorry for the massive lecture and once again i appreciate the time you take to share your knowledge and help people like me.
Thank you and wishing you a great week-end!
Kindly yours!
Stanley Wong

Dear Mr. Wong:

I am sorry, but you are right. You are lucky that CIC is only asking for police clearances from your wife's parents. Theoretically, they can ask for a medical check as well. If even one NON-accompanying family member is found inadmissible, it makes the applicant inadmissible. I refer you to the legal text:

(You will see that I already entered "family member" in Search, so it should highlight for you the relevant pieces.)

You may also want to download the "OP2" from a link on this page:  and read the chapters 5.10 and 5.11.

Still, if CIC only wants to see "good conduct certificates", then, ONLY send that. Only give them what they explicitly ask for.

Perhaps your parents-in-law can arrange for someone to obtain these certificates for them. In some countries this is possible with a Power of Attorney, but of course, in some countries it must be done in person without exceptions. You may want to check out for more details.

I wish you best of luck with your application and a great week-end.

Best regards,

Yves Montarasse  

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