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Immigration Issues/Where to apply for CEC:Buffalo or New Delhi ??


Hi Roxanne,

I am on my PGWP in canada which will expire in May 2012.I am planning to apply in septemeber 2011 under CEC and am planning to get married in December 2011 and adding my husband in my application.

My question is if I apply in Buffalo and get an interview call I with my husband will have to go to US and getting US visa is difficult.Or is it that only the principal applicant has to go for interview ??

So I was planning to apply in New Delhi coz after my PGWP expires in 2012 I will have to go back to India and even if called for an interview it will be easy to attend in New Delhi.

Plz guide me and correct me if am wrong


Hi Shazia,

All CEC applications are processed in Buffalo.  If you send your application to Dehli, it will be sent to Buffalo for processing.  However, since this "Buffalo only" processing is unique to CEC applications, I imagine if an interview were necessary, you would be able to attend at a visa office convenient for you.  To be honest, since CEC was created, I have never seen an interview convoked (that does NOT mean it hasn't happened) because this program is very pass/fail oriented.  You either meet the criteria or you don't.

Since you will be in Canada at the time of your application, send it to Buffalo.  Keep them updated as to your residential and mailing address at all times.  I don't think you will have a problem.  However, one thing you should note, if and when Buffalo requests your passports for PR visa stamping, it is illegal to mail passports outside of India.

Do NOT forget to add your spouse to your application as soon as you get married.  Do NOT leave that to the last minute of processing.  Do it as soon as you have all of the documentation for the marriage, i.e. marriage certificate, translation, and application forms required to add your husband.

One final thing, if your employer is willing and wants to keep you, you may be able to get a Labour Market Opinion when your PGWP is close to expiring.  There are no advertising/recruitment requirements for an employer applying for an LMO to retain a worker on a PGWP in a skilled position.  Just food for thought.

I hope this helps.

Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Immigration Consultant
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