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Hi, I am on B2 visa and currently in the US. I got married in India in feb and came back on my Visa only without getting it changed. My husband is on H1 and his H1 extension paper were under process, and hence the reason why I did not get my status changed. His extension papers are in place now. Can I get my visa status changed from b2 to h4 while in the US now? I am a medical graduate from India and have been to the US 2 times before for internships. I did leave the country before my visa expired each time.

Can i go to Canada and get my visa stamped instead of India?

Pls advice

Hi there,
Usually, Citizenship & Immigration Canada expect applicant(s) to apply for visas from their country of origin. But at the same time, officers do have discretionary powers to allow applicant(s) numerous type of visas. Therefore, there are no fixed rules that an applicant(s) always apply for visas from the country of their origin. The most important is that an applicant, who wants to apply for a visa must have legal status in that country. Hope this helps you.

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