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Dear Sir,
My query is related to points for canadian federal skilled worker programme.
I have done 3 year diploma (2004 - 2007)  in Civil engineering from Punjab State Board of Technical education and Industrial Training. Its a diploma in civil trade. Simultaneously  I completed secondary education in 2005.(Which was thru correspondence). So if i consider diploma only then my study is 13 Years but diploma plus private secondary studies is 15 Years.          
Since then i have been working as a plumber with a company. (4years Experience).

Please help me to know how many points can i get for education and work experience

Will appreciate ur reply.

Hi Jasvir,

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations define "education credential" in Section 73 as follows:

“educational credential” means any diploma, degree or trade or apprenticeship credential issued on the completion of a program of study or training at an educational or training institution recognized by the authorities responsible for registering, accrediting, supervising and regulating such institutions in the country of issue.

The Overseas Processing manual for Federal Skilled Worker applications directs that visa officers assess distance learning as eligible for points as long as it meets the above definition.  Where the distance education credential is not described in terms of number of years of duration, officers should apply the definition of full-time equivalent study (“full-time equivalent” means, in respect of part-time or accelerated studies, the period that would have been required to complete those studies on a full-time basis.) and knowledge that the visa office has acquired in local education institutions and credentials.  The Manual also indicates that there is a high incidence of fraud in this area and verification checks WILL be carried out by the visa officer.

So what I can tell you is that the visa officer will assess your distance learning education credential as described above and will award points depending upon whether or not you meet the accepted criteria established.  I cannot tell you how many points you will get because not enough information is provided nor am I personally familiar with all of the educational institutions in India.  However, if the school where you obtained your secondary education credential is bona fide and accredited then the visa office will accept the credential.  They will verify for themselves the number of years based on full-time equivalent definition to decide how many years it would have taken to obtain it if you were engaged in full-time study.

Regarding work experience, you state having 4 years experience and would be awarded 21 points per Section 80 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

I hope this helps.

Roxanne Jessome
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant  

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