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QUESTION: Dear Jessome,
My name is salim and I live here in Karachi, Pakistan. I am stuck up in my career. I did my A levels (UK education in Pakistan) and then started ACCA (UK professional accountancy body). It proved to be too hard and I am able to clear two parts out of three. (till F9).
I have submitted a project to Oxford Brookes university UK, If approved this will entitle me for a Bsc in accountancy from Oxford Brookes University UK.(this is part of ACCA package) I feel that I can not go further towards ACCA and now should  end with this (Bsc) degree.
I wish to go for some other profession which will give me easy migration to Canada. This profession should be such that it uses my accountancy knowledge gained so far ( higher then book keeper and lower then full chartered accountant). I am ready to acquire one year training in that field ( for example baker is one such profession if I am not mistaking but this is not my favorite one)
Please advise other such profession which can give me easy migration with one year trainee ship here. or is there any other option like provincial nominees etc?
Best Regards and thanks.

ANSWER: Hello Salim,

Thank you for your email.  First, let me say that there is no "easy" immigration to Canada.  There are program of immigration that have requirements and you must "fit" into these with a combination of education and work experience that Canada considers to be appropriate to fit the country's needs.

There are also "paths" that you can take that will facilitate your ability to immigrate to Canada as a permanent residence.  You seem to be interested in studying in Canada.  If you are accepted by an accredited educational institution in Canada into a TWO year post-secondary diploma or degree program and are able to obtain a study permit, you may enter Canada as a student. Upon successful completion of your program of study, you will be able to apply for a Post Graduate Work Permit of up to 3 years.  After gaining one year of SKILLED work experience in Canada equaling 1950 hours, you then become eligible to apply for permanent residency under the Canada Experience Class.

That is the "easiest" answer I can provide you with in response to your question.  There is no course of study you can take that will give you "easy" immigration options.  You will be most successful in a course of study that you feel you will be able to complete and get a job in Canada.  You must find a way to fit into one of the programs of immigration to Canada.


Roxanne Jessome, RCIC
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
ICCRC Membership No. R412519

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QUESTION: Dear Jessome, Thanks for the advise to go for further studies, can you suggest one or two  year vocational education with training in Canada that can make me qualified for immigration. (fast track professions)

Dear Salim,

There is no "fast track profession".  You are better to choose a course of study that you will enjoy and where you will be successful.  That will increase your chances of being able to find skilled work in Canada while on a post-graduate work permit and therefore obtain the number of hours in skilled work that will allow you to apply for permanent residence under the Canada Experience Class or will motivate an employer to sponsor you under a strategic occupation in the provincial nominee programs.

Erase from your mind these thoughts of "easy" and "fast track".  It does not exist.  Choose what is best suited to you and will allow you to become successfully employed in Canada.  If you do that, not only will you enjoy your course of study but you will also become an excellent employee that a Canadian company will value.  That will lead you to your final goal of becoming a permanent resident of Canada.


Roxanne Jessome
Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant
ICCRC Membership No. R412519

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