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Dear Jessome,
I recently got married to a Canadian citizen (girl who lives in Canada) and will soon start the process. Out of mistake I included the surname for example 'Polani" on Nikhanama ( marriage certificate) which we don't use officially nor it is mentioned on any of my birth, education or other documents. On my request the marriage registrar has strike out Polani and stamped and signed the correction. now it appears as 'sharif s/o abdul salam' would this correction will  delay my process.
Further this is how I use my name style.
for example :
on birth certificate: sharif s/o Abdul Salam
on my national id card: sharif s/o abdul salam
on education: Sharif Abdul Salam
on passport: surname: salam given name: sharif
on US visas: surname: salam given name: Sharif Abdul
GMAT test university application: surname: salam name: sharif
Further since the marriage certificate shown correction do I need to put surname Polani in 'other names used' when filling application in order to clear the mistake. (by the way I have only used Polani in private hospital record and no where else) nor my father has used this surname any where.
Shall highly appreciate your input

Hi BB,

Thank you for your question.

As long as you submit the corrected Nikhanama with your application, it should be fine.  And yes, you should put Polani on other names used section since you did use it.


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