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QUESTION: Dear sir;
 I have been granted CSQ a while ago and I'm waiting for PR which is likely to happen not too long.
I have relatives in Toronto who has offered me domicile and help to find a job, so I'm thinking of landing in Toronto instead of Montreal.
does this affect my PR procedures, or is it compulsory that I do land in Montreal and wait for PR before going to my relatives.
I would appreciate it a lot if you answer my because no one knows the right answer so far.

best regards

ANSWER: Thanks for your inquiry.

Since you are a provincial nominee of Quebec: You're required to go and live in Quebec. In Canada, some provinces under PNP make you sign a statement saying that you intend to live in that province and if it was clear that you had lied about that as in landed in that province and left the next day, they could possibly accuse an applicant of misrepresentation if they wanted to but they haven't been doing that till date. Though it's true that a PR has the right to live and work anywhere in Canada.

We strongly suggest you to comply with the CSQ requirements.

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thank you for your respond
I have another question
For how long should i live in Quebec before i will be able to move without having any legal issued cause i don't want to break any low.
My plan is to land in Quebec and try to find a job hopefully i will
but in case i did not i may accept my relative offer in Toronto
so what do you think?
and thank you again for your help

Please be advised that Canadian Permanent Resident's have full mobility rights. This means that, unless you are otherwise legally restricted (bail, bond, etc.), you can move to any city or province in Canada and live wherever you wish. However, as a new immigrant you may not have access to some of the Quebec-funded services for immigrants that come to that province via their provincial selection process.

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