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Hi Ravi, perhaps you can help me as I have a concern about my wife being admitted to Canada.

My wife is from Sweden, she arrived in Canada on October 4th of this year. She was initially held by Canada Immigration because we were honest about the fact we wanted to get married and have her remain in Canada. After interrogating both of us the end result was she was given a temporary visitor record that expires Nov 2 of this year. I also received instruction that if we wanted to have her stay we needed to apply with inland immigration, and once the application was submitted we needed to fax the receipt to the airport immigration office so they would lift the Nov 2nd deadline or something like that anyway.

So on October 9th my wife and I were married, not because of immigration either, it was planned before, we also recently found out in the last few days that we will be expecting a baby.

We applied for what's called an extension of visitor status, paid the $75 dollar fee, and faxed the receipt to calgarys immigration office, and I phoned to confirm that they received it. But that's the last I heard from them, they are not good at returning calls. Do I need to make certain they lift the visitor record expiration, or does the extension application trump that? The extension application says it could take a couple months to process, and as I understood it, she is able to stay in the country while the application is in process?

What else should I be doing? and also, what else do I do to apply for permanent residency? I appreciate any help I can get, this is all new to me and kind of intimidating. , I am a Canadian citizen by birth, not sure if that matters.

Dear Carl,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Please make sure that you submit your wife's In-Canada Permanent Resident Application under Family Class along with her visitor extension. In terms of informing the authorities, they usually never return calls etc. Registered mail is another option but once CPC Vegreville receives your wife's application for an extension, her extension application will show in the system. So there is nothing much to worry but its good idea to comply if the officer asked to do so. IMPORTANT: You must file her PR application.


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