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QUESTION: The company intially aquired an immigration lawyer to file the LMO for Foreign Workers in Ft. McMurray, Canada.  The company has now received the Approved LMO with 15 names listed.  The approved LMO  has listed the lawyer's information as third party contact to the company.

Although the lawyer has filed for some of the 15 names listed, can the employer file the application for work permit for the remaining names?

Can we submit the approved LMO without the name list along with their applications?

Can they employer apply for their work permit instead of the lawyer?

ANSWER: Dear Amanda,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, employer can file the new names directly by giving instruction that he or she no longer retain third party.

You must have the name listed on LMO in order to apply work permit and employer or an applicant can apply directly for a work permit at the Canadian Consulate or at port of entry.


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QUESTION: Will we have to contact Service Canada and advise them that some of the names on the LMO list will be represented by the company and not the third party?

Your advice is greatly appreciated.

Usually, Service Canada (SC) always deals with an employer. It's an employer who forwards the names to his or her third party and signed the document and then the third party submits the names by fax.

Employer(s) are allowed to submit the names directly to SC. But Service Canada will cc all the response to third party as well unless employer inform in writing to Service Canada to deal directly with an employer.


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