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Good afternoon Ravi,

I messages you a couple months ago in relation to my wifes immigration paperwork and thank you for the advice. I just have some further concerns. So my wife and I were married shortly after her arrival into Canada, she is a Danish citizen. She was issued a visitor record which will expire in a few days.

We have sent in an application for extension of visitor status, but that will take up to another 30 days to process. We will be sending in, along with that, a spousal request for perminant residency. Have to wait until tomorrow though as it is payday and there is that application fee. My major concern here is, is she legal to remain in Canada after her initial visitor record expires if we have applied for an extension and spousal permanent residency?


Dear Fred,
Until you don't get a decision from them your wife's status in Canada considered legal. It's called implied status. So there is nothing to worry. If I were you, I submit PR and extension application together. Anyway, just wait for the response.

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