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"Dear  Mr. Sung,

I am trying to find the best route for my brother and his three daughters to get into the country.

My brother is 35, a widower with 3 daughters aged 8, 6 and 3. He is a resident of Zimbabwe.

I am not sure if this would be a benefit or a disadvantage but he did come over to the states and was a Resident Alien for a few years when he was younger. He came over through my Mother who immigrated to the US a while back and he pursued his US immigration before his 18th birthday and it was a lot simpler back then. So that is almost 20 years ago - he decided to leave the States when he was younger and never maintained his resident status. He had his green card and was a Resident Alien - He left and has never returned.

Currently my mothers parents are US Citizens, my Mother and Step Father are citizens and then myself and younger sister are also US Citizens. (All originally from Africa).

1) Is there any route that any of us would be able to get him and his daughters into the country?

2) He may be able to come up with the funds needed to come over on an investment visa.

3) We may also have someone that might be able to sponsor him with employment but I think that will add additional challenges.

4) Are there any other routes we may be able to pursue?

Thank you Sir, I do appreciate you making yourself available and your knowledge in this matter."

Hi Nick,

The only way to get the immigrant visa back (green card) is for your US citizen parent to petition him or you can petition him as a brother.  Both have long waiting time (7 years and 10 years).

If you would like you can start the I-130 petition for him to put him in line.  There is nothing faster than those two options.

If he has a visitor's visa he can try to come and apply for asylum, if he is afraid to return to Zimbabwe.


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