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QUESTION: I am a Canadian citizen living in the United States. I was born in Canada and lived there for 30 years. I am in the U.S. on Permanent Resident status. On 11/3/2008 I became a father and my daughter was born here in the United States (her mother is an American citizen). My daughter has never lived in Canada and has a U.S. passport. My questions are:
1 - Is she a Canadian citizen?
2 - Can she become a Canadian citizen while she lives in the U.S.?
3 - Provided she can, will she then be a dual citizen?

ANSWER: Dear Eric,

Thanks for your inquiry.

1 - Is she a Canadian citizen?

You have to apply for her Canadian Citizenship. Please note that Children born outside Canada to a Canadian parent require a Certificate of Canadian Citizenship.The following documents must be submitted in addition to an Application for a Citizenship Certificate from Outside Canada:
a notarized copy of a document proving that one or both of the parents was a Canadian citizen when the child was born (citizenship card or Canadian birth certificate);
each parent should submit a notarized copy of one piece of valid personal identification (i.e. a passport, driver's license...); and original birth certificate of the child which lists the parents (issued by government authorities in the country where the child was born), with an official and certified translation into English or French.

2 - Can she become a Canadian citizen while she lives in the U.S.?
Yes, simply download an application from and submit to nearest Canadian Consulate in US.

3 - Provided she can, will she then be a dual citizen?
Yes, she can have the dual citizenship.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your prompt and complete answer. My follow-up question is:

1 - Is it necessary for the mother to submit the proper ID, as she is American and I am the Canadian?

2 - I would hate to risk losing original documents. Is it standard procedure for an applicant to include these documents, and then those documents are returned?

Thank you!

Well, it depends on officer to officer because they do have huge discretion. Just follow the checklist and submit the requested documents or if you live close to Canadian Consulate then you pay a personal visit and show all the originals and get back. Usually, notary documents are sufficient but again it depends on the officer, who will process the application.

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