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QUESTION: I came to Canada as a refugee,now I'm a protected person here i have applied for my husband who is in Afghanistan and as every one says it is not the case of sponsorship so i am really confused how long is it going to take.
This really important for me to know as it has been 9 months and i have received no letter from the immigration so kindly please provide me some information in this regard.

ANSWER: Hi Sonia,

Thanks for your inquiry.

1st. Did you hire any consultant or lawyer to represent your case?

Usually, the spouse sponsorship takes from 2 to 3 months from Mississauga. I will suggest you to contact your local MP, in order to make an inquiry because its hard for me to provide any suggestions unless i know all the facts of your case. When did you marry?  When & where did you apply for refugee case? Did you mention that your spouse will accompany you in your application etc.!!!

In general, the processing times are mentioned on CIC web site:


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QUESTION: Hello dear,

Thank you so much for answering my question,and yes I do have a lawyer but he says he cant do anything it is upto immigration how long they take to process.
I was married when I came to Canada,I came on Jan.2011 and I applied for refugee claim at Etobicok,Toronto,Ontario.
As my husband is living in Afghanistan,his case will be transferred to Islamabad,Pakistan to be processed and my lawyer says it may take up to 40 months.But it is still not clear for me because at first he said it will take 18 moths because its not the case of sponsorship as he was part of your refugee claim.
I am too confused about this if you can kindly tell me what you suggest for him to stay in Afghanistan or he can go to India because they say it take something around 12 months for such cases.


Your lawyer has given you correct advice because its up to visa officer(s) discretion how long they take in order to process any given file.

In terms of moving to India, I would definitely choose this option as long as your husband gain some sort of legal status. But don't forget, if your husband lives in Pakistan more then six months, Immigration will do the background checks, which usually take lots of time.


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