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I was wondering if you can help me out with my question.
My employer applied for my LMO. I am still waiting for the approved LMO.
The question is:

Can I enter Canada now as a tourist (Croatia- non visa country) to spend time with my fiancÚ at Christmas and when receiving my approved LMO fly out eg to the US and reenter Canada and apply for my work permit at a port of entry.

Is that allowed? Otherwise I don't know how much longer I have to wait for the LMO.
One more question:
As I found out online I do only need
- my approved LMO
- my passport
- my official job offer
To show at the port of entry as a Croatian citizen, is that right?
(permanent resident in Germany)

Thank you so much for your help
I really appreciate it

ANSWER: Dear Marianne,

Thanks for your inquiry.

1. Can I enter Canada now as a tourist?
Yes, you can but suggest you not to provide too much volunteer information, in case.

2. Apply for my work permit at a port of entry!
Yes, you can go at the boarder along with required documents and get your status changed from tourist to work permit.

The documents you mentioned above are correct but don't forget the immigration fee of $150 Please feel free to ask me, if you have any question.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thank you very much for fast answer!

Is it illegal to do that? Enter and re-enter Canada again?
I was wondering if they can see at the airport when I come in as a tourist my status as - lets say "waiting for LMO" tourist.

Is there a date on the LMO? Because if I show the LMO they might know that I was in Canada by that time.

What could be the worst case ? Refusing my application.
I don't know how much longer the LMO takes.
Its been 4 weeks now.

Thank you Ravi !

Is it illegal to do that? Enter and re-enter Canada again?
No it's not illegal and at Airport Immigration officer doesn't know, if there is any LMO has been in process and that's why I suggest you not to volunteer any information. Stick with tourist stuff.

Is there a date on the LMO?
While you are legally enter Canada, you are allowed to change your status and there is NO date issue at all.

What could be the worst case?
If you have any medical or criminal issues they can refuse application.


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