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I am sponsoring my wife from Vietnam. She is now in Canada with a temporary resident permit. Last week, her family in Vietnam received a letter from the High Commission of Canada in Singapre asking her to undergo a new medical examination and to submit an updated certificate of no criminal record. Can my wife undergo the new medical examination in Canada? As for the updated certificate of no criminal record, if she can undergo the new medical examination in Canada, she will make a proxy in order to authorize a family member to obtain it for her. Will she have to return to Vietnam to receive the Canadian immigration visa?

Thank you for your attention. Best Regards.

Uyen Vu

Dear Uyen,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Yes, your wife can go her Medical test while she is in Canada. As you suggested that visa office has requested her Police Clearance or Certificate of no criminal record then she has to comply with officer's request. Generally, Police Certificate valid up to 6 months. After the visa office receives the requested documents then they will most likely ask your wife to submit her original passport. It is possible to get her PR while she is Canada ONLY, if the visa officer exempt her from an interview and you guys change her mailing address to Canada and send the requested documents, when requested. But make sure that your wife status remain legal up to she become permanent resident.

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