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Dear Sir,

I had the following Visas before my current L1A Blanket got rejected
1) L1B individual from ABC company
2) L1B individual from XYZ company
3) L1A Blanket from XYZ company

I was in US since 2007 to Apr 2011. Since mid 2009 I was in a managerial role and in Jan 2010 did my L1A Blanket visa. In Apr 2011 I came back and in Feb 2012 my company issued me L1A Blanket petition to again serve a role in USA. I went to Chennai Consulate on 8th Mar and got my VISA rejected this time. The VO asked me to go for a different type of VISA.

I am worried, why the L1A Blanket got rejected now when it was approved few years back.

Also, my company XYZ now wants to go for L1A Individual. But looking at the rule I saw that you need to be in Managerial position abroad (outside US) for 1 continuous year out of past 3 years. I really do not meet this criteria and if started from May 1st 2011, I fulfill 11 months in March end.

Should I let them file my L1A Individual petition in March end or should wait until 1 year is complete (Apr 2012 end) and then file?

Please suggest as I am confused.

In the meantime if I need to go to US for some meetings and discussions, can I apply for B1?

Thanks & regards,

Hi Subha,

1. You can apply for B1 to enter the US for meetings.

2. Regarding your L1 visa situation, I don't have sufficient information to provide you with my analysis.  I don't know why the visa was denied and therefore I cannot tell you if it would be a good idea for your company to reapply.  Perhaps you should consult with the company and their immigration lawyer to see if there are merits in refiling.

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